Causes of skin problems caused by home facial equipment

While home facial beauty product is not as effective as professional beauty equipment such as those used in beauty clinics, it is safer.

However, there are some people who experience skin problems with home facial equipment. The main causes of skin problems caused by home facial equipment are as follows

The barrier function of the skin is reduced due to friction. Even washing with a facial cleanser can wash away the sebum film.

Depending on the type of facial cleanser, frequent use of a home facial cleanser can lower the skin's barrier function and increase the possibility of skin problems.

The vibrations and friction caused by the massage function and the ingredients in the serum you use may also lower the barrier function.

Giving your skin unnecessary friction can lead to skin problems.

0You are applying unnecessary or unsuitable ingredients to your skin.
If you use cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin, you may get cosmetic rashes or eczema.

If you use a facial cleanser and rub in ingredients that don't suit your skin, the possibility of skin problems will increase.

It is possible that the facial equipment and cosmetics you are using for your skin may be causing skin problems in reverse.

Hormone balance or skin turnover cycle is not suitable

Depending on your menstrual cycle, you may feel that your makeup goes on better or worse on some days.

This is due to hormonal balance.

Also, skin turnover, which is the metabolism of your skin, is linked to your menstrual cycle, and some cosmetic ingredients may irritate your skin.

Forcing your skin with a facial massager during a period when you are not in good shape is likely to lead to skin problems.

Incorrect usage of the facial serum such as frequency and duration of use.

There are many people who feel the beauty effect of applying serum to their skin.

However, this only means that the surface of the skin is wet and temporarily moist, not that the beauty ingredients have penetrated deep into the skin and the beauty effect is visible.

There are many ingredients in serums that are strong stimulants, and introducing too much of them or using a facial device for a long time may cause skin problems.